Leland Consulting services clients throughout the United States and maintains its primary offices in Dayton, Ohio.

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Leland Consulting advises clients in the areas of business succession (including a family office), value transfer and multi-generational wealth planning.

After 28 years in the Banking and Financial services industry, Principal, Al Leland embarked on a mission to address those issues he found most frequently had adverse impact on family business and wealth preservation. Using his credit skills, managerial experience and fiduciary expertise he began advising clients on the importance of maintaining the value of their family business with emphasis on succession planning and maintaining a relevant and competitive position in their respective industry. Facilitating the transfer of managerial control, the diversification of Board membership and defining the role of Family members involved in the business is generally the first step in the process. Ownership, ownership control and value transfer are usually the next issues to be addressed.

To the extent that Family ownership allows for the use of stock as a means of transferring value to downstream generations, Mr. Leland helps the Family design a workable scenario that encourages gifting without overly fractionalizing control. This process, using stock as the "family currency", has aided many families in the transfer of wealth without experiencing the loss of value generally contributed to the taxing authorities upon transfer.

"Multigenerational wealth planning" is encouraged as a means of maintaining the Family wealth under Family control. Direct gifts, trusts, private foundations and gifts to public charity may all part of a comprehensive plan. Maintaining a sense of Family, without specifically controlling the use of funds generated by Family assets, is generally the intent of the patriarch or matriarch in structuring a plan.

Leland Consulting does not replace the client’s existing advisors. The firm looks to help clients to identify their wishes, articulate their intent and create an outline that will allow both the attorney(s) and accountant(s) to better perform their respective functions. Leland Consultants strive to insure that all planning issues are addressed, solutions properly documented and executed on a timely basis and that all assets are accounted for and producing in accordance with the plan. In summary our goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most important financial and Family issues are on track.